If you are trying to get your cooking skills and your health on point you should consider learning more about herbs. That way you will not only make amazing food but it will also be a lot healthier. If you want to know the best herbs for your health just take a look at this lit we made for you.


Rosemary is a very flavorful herb, it will be noticed whenever you use it. But the best part is that is really good for your health too. It can help prevent damage to blood vessels and it can also help with memory function, indigestion and even reduce muscle and joint pain if applied topically. Studies has shown that rosemary compounds such as carnosic acid can help fighting cancer cells. The incredible smell can improve the memory. The study performed by the University of Northumbria, in the UK and people were believed to perform better on memory tasks if rosemary scent was pumped into to the air. This one is definitely one of the best herbs for your health.


Amazing and eclectic, parsley is for sure among the best herbs for your health. It is also a crowd’s favorite. However, what everyone seems to fail to understand is that this little dark green herb is really healthy. It is high in antioxidants which help cleansing the body and it can help to reduce high blood pressure. You can garnish pretty much any saveur dish with parsley, but as an alternative you can also try it in green smoothies.


If you thought that chives are just a tasty garnish for your baked potato you are mistaken. Chives is as a matter of fact part of the best herbs for your health. This little herb is all you were looking for to boost your vitamins A and C with helpful antioxidant effects. Besides, that wasn’t all of it, studies has shown that chives can help to reduce the risk for gastric cancer.


Thyme is an amazing herb for your health, it has been used for some time for respiratory problems like bronchitis because it has antiseptic properties. The herb is also basically calorie free so it can be used with no moderation to spice up low calorie diets for people who need to lose weight.


Did you know that many beauty products contain sage as a main ingredient? Well, if you know all the wonders this little plant does you won’t be to surprised. Sage has antiseptic and antioxidant properties and it can help fight early aging, I mean, what more would you want from a beauty product? Sage can be used as a natural cure for anxiety and it has been rumored to be a memory enhancer.